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Monday, 10 September 2012

Whatsapp Goes Down

this is so sad!
truly sad. . . 
no longer whatsapp, but whatsdown for me
my phone got trouble with that application for last two week
and i'm not pretty sure what makes it into problem
now i am definitely can't use it since then

i miss my family group chat - "Fuad Fazi Family" and "anak2 Abah" group
they are my heart which couldn't be replace by others
Ma and abah respectively got their own whatsapp,dude! don't be surprise. Mum often
replied using the ipad as her handphone cannnot support that application.

"Fuad Fazi Family" and "Anak2 Abah" are two different things actually
"Fuad Fazi Family" involved all family members but "Anak2 Abah" the siblings mainly
(when i mention siblings, all sister in law included. we are siblings dunia akhirat)
sometimes there are a few of things that children think it is much better if parent wouldn't know
well, not because the parent are not so important to know but, this is just to avoid worried in them

Everyday without fail i might say that, there would be any update from the members of us
we share everything such the activities, the photos, the joke, the quote or even the tazkirah
conveyed by abah and mama.
so lovely. . .

and now how could you feel, when suddenly without any notice given u lost those things?
tell me that,dear!
i hardy can stand like this anymore. i am such in the zaman Paleolitik. waaaaaa~
this is a big disaster for me.

i knew, there are a lot of story i miss out from them
hope it wont last forever and please baby, please recover as soon as possible
i wont replace u by any other new phone if u could manage to behave yourself to the max. 


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