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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It sounds baby in the house?

These 3 days, i have a baby in the home
yes! at last after 21 years awaiting mum had decide to adopt a baby what
a so call a second adik for me
can i jump high to the sky and bring down the marshmallow cloud for you?

Joking only meh. . . 
there's Baby Raees and k.cik overnight with us as bencik have outstation
in Langkawi for a work 
we are too much excited especially Tok wan

Tok wan such like menatang minyak yang penuh hold Raees here and there
back and in front of the house just to make sure Raees feels comfortable
well as he grows up, he changes a few things in term of behavior and appearance
he doesn't cries as before, and he can speaks! LOL
speak as the baby way lah.aiyoo~

 aauuumm~ eat mokde

 so, baby Raees wait mokde back from office ya! we can have a dating later.

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