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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

A birthday Party of Qays Naufal


Well, its been about 6 days on hiatus
and within those days neither any stories update nor even a single pictures being upload

So last 2 days , as promised with eila, me and another lovely friends Ana and Shafiza
attended to birthday party of her son, Qays Naufal who turned to 1
The event were kick off at 5 and I still had ample time to drop by mini market right after
office hour. It such a hard task ever for me thinking for a week the suitable
or i might say a perfect things i'm going to give him as a present

at last this thing had been my choice


spongebob balloon after no one upin ipin balloon to be avail. Im sorry dear can't find
you that kind of favorite cartoon, but u still have one to play with,rite?

By time of  6, we arrived at the event and i feel damn freak
Gosh so many people there and majority come from a family group which having
2 or 3 children and their age quite a year gap than us
i'm kinda noob at that time. ha.ha.ha
so i left the spongebob balloon in the car that suppose to be handed to the birthday boy
lucky i do have another main gift shared by me and Ana

there, we met another couple of friends, Amalina and Shamila
but pity over birthday boy, he didn't feel well
poor on you,baby..aunty doakan qays sihat as always,ya. . .

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