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Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Miss MacGyver is my name

can i have a breakdance for a couple of minutes?
he.he.he. . .
baby 5800, thanks for being nice to me and my thanks is goes to you for your fully
cooperation u had given to me
well, nothing is toughest in this world if and only you keep this word "SABAR"

so, back to the yesterday entry  Whatsapp Goes Down , today i am proudly announce that the
problem is already solved.
i can fix the problem very well without any help of my brothers. So, please do call me
Miss McGyver right after this.

instead of not using any help of brothers, help from Google is a need.
he.he.he so not soooo McGyver lah!

For those who owned Nokia 5800 XM and facing the same problem, where the error message "Certificated Expired" pop out on your screen when downloading application, you are highly recommend to try this steps:-
  1. With the phone switched on, press the power button key once.
  2. Scroll down to and select "Remove E: Memory Card". 
  3. Select Yes to remove the memory card.
  4. Press OK and remove memory card from phone.
  5. Press the Dialler on the main screen.
  6. Type *#7370#
  7. Enter security code. Default is 12345 unless it has been changed.
  8. The phone will reset, wait for this to complete and power back on.
  9. Select your country and type in the correct time and date.
  10. Wait for the phone to complete its configurations, you may receive "My Nokia" or tutorial messages.
  11. Power off phone.
  12. Insert the memory card.
  13. Power on the phone.
  14. Wait for the phone to install any pre-loaded content from the memory card
  15. Phone is ready to install applications, without "Expired Certificate" error message.
Best of luck!


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