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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jusiza&Amir big day


Jam di ipad shows 12:08 am, but i still cant help myself to 
Get a nap sleep after once again had a supper of laksa teluk kecai
For a first time in my life, no one in the house except ME.
So i got to sleep alone in the house without accompanied by anyone
And yup it will be more fun! =.="

Yes, abah mama have a long honeymoon travelling from north to south
And adik plan with his friends memancing and what the most puzzling me 
Is why at this time is the perfect time to fishing?
Burghhhh~dont fish sleeps as human being do?

At this time, i have to think wisely, positively 
In fact, me got siblings and friends who are the most concern about my condition
They text me asking what am i doing, asking is everything okay, asking either 
Me get to bed or not yet. Ouh they are so lovely buddy. Me also got a long
conversation call from a friend who try to relax me, bla bla about this and that and 
Trying to make me laughing all along the conversation. 
Thanks everyone! Me love u all tightly.

Blogging juga one of the theraphy in relaxing my feel

Today i went to my friend's kenduri kahwin
After a long year courtship this sweet couple decide to tie the knot 
Alhamdulillah im so pleased with your marriage and hopefully 
Jusiza and your beloved one, Amir will live happily ever after until the Jannah

I met a few of friends there 
There were fiza, sarah, shazwani, fazreen raha and also eila with her adorable baby boy,Qays
Kusss semangat tgk Qays. Nama pun baby, harusla comel dengan tembamnya lagi
Anna said eat drumstik (qays hand). Hi.hi.hi.
This 15 september Qays gonna turn to 1. So eila invite me as she is going to throw
Qays a birthday party.InsyaAllah Qays, aunty probably attend to your party, okay. . .

Oklah, time's up and should have a nap sleep
Ayam pun sudah berkokok. Hi.hi.hi


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