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Thursday, 6 September 2012

God, save the young lady

why the boy being so nice to the girl lately?
the girl is so confusing and even she is still on cloud 9, BUT she has to bear in mind
that it wont last forever. Might be. please do not take it personally, my dear.
God, please save that girl from anything awful that might happen.
the girl need your guidance and please do lead her to the best path for her own sake.

yes, i have to admit he is among of the nice boy i ever met
and he comes from a pretty background too.
but what i could say to you, girl

"Adakalanya Tuhan hadirkan seseorang dalam hati kita mungkin bukan sebagai
jodoh hidup. Kebarangkalian kehadirannya itu hanya sebagai ujian kekuatan iman 
ataupun mungkin sebagai batu loncatan untuk mendekatkan diri pada yang Esa."

do keep my words which could be use in the future, in your mission to choose your prince
charming, my young lady.

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