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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Fluffy skirt and the colorful blazer

next call would be this, InsyaAllah
have been waiting this attire quite long time
and still seeking for the best one

all i need right now are this . . .

1 ) the blazer!
no big deal the color u pray to have because it comes with a variety of colors
to choose from such as orange, turquoise, red, blue and many more. and i want
all the available colors in the store . . . =.='

 2 ) and the skirt toooo~

the floral skirt seem no single one has in my wardrobe collection so far - only the plain type.
kinda bored keep repeating wear the same thing.

recently the skirts or even pallazo had become my attraction things wherever i go.
since now i'm putting on weight and it makes me no longer fix with my jean -
tired of buying a new costly one so the best option to have is a skirt.

Skirt really doesn't matter what type of people size are, but still can be wear at any time
or any occasion. Beside it's comfy, people who are wearing it will definitely
look polite and fab!


Adam & Hawa

my favourite tv drama nowdays Adam & Hawa
Adam and Hawa is actually adaptation from the novel ADAM&HAWA 

since no any channel unless astro is showing this drama, so this gonna be my last
option to view for each episode -From the VideoDaily Motion.


Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Kau Yang Terindah

Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku,
Aku mohon dariMu,
Kau berilah petunjuk kepadaku
Jika dia yang terbaik untukku, maka Kau satukanlah kami 
dengan cinta dan kasih sayang.

Jika dia bukan yang terbaik untukku,
maka Kau pisahkan kami juga dengan penuh kasih sayang
tanpa ada sedikit kebencian.

Kau yang memiliki seluruh cinta dan rindu yang ada
di dalam hati ini Ya Allah
Aku mohon padaMu agar Engkau ambillah semua rasa Cinta, 
semua rasa Rindu ku ini untuknya

DemiMu Ya Allah,
Tumbuhkanlah segala rasa cinta
buat lelaki yang berhak menerimanya,

Andai ini takdirMu Ya Allah, kau satukanlah rasa cinta sebagaimana
rasa cinta Rasullullah kepada Siti Halijah

Amin, Amin YaRabbal Alamin.

-lots 0f love-

Friday, 21 September 2012

Utusan doa untuk seorang pesakit

sudah 2 hari berturut turut ulang alik ke GH - Hospital Sultan Abdul Halim
kebiasaanya bila melangkah masuk terasa sedikit gusar di hati
mungkin disebabkan mengikut darah mama yang cepat gemuruh melihat
keadaan orang yang sakit, luka di sana sini dan ditambah lagi dengan bau ubat ubatan
tetapi memandangkan sudah dua kali ke sana, Alhamdulillah darah gemuruh dapat dikawal

sekarang hospital Sungai Petani dah besar, bersih dan cantik
walaupun tidak setanding hospital private
tetapi sekiranya dibandingkan dengan hospital lama Sungai Petani,walaupun lebih dari 2,3 kali
berulang alik rasanya darah gemuruh masih memuncak.

hurm, awak. . .
saya tahu ape yang awak rasa tidak sama dengan rasa kasihan saya kepada awak
saya tahu beban yang awak pikul sekarang belum tentu dapat digalas oleh saya
saya tahu awak antara insan yang terpilih dari hamba hambanya yang lain utk
menjalani ujian ini

apa yang saya dan yang sahabat sahabat lain dapat lakukan, hanya sedikit
sumbangan serta doa dipanjatkan agar awak sentiasa
tabah, kuat, serta sentiasa sabar mengharungi ujian ini.
semoga luka yang awak alami cepat sembuh dan awak dapat kembali bekerja
seperti dulu kala

-salam kesemubuhan dari kami sepejabat-

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

It sounds baby in the house?

These 3 days, i have a baby in the home
yes! at last after 21 years awaiting mum had decide to adopt a baby what
a so call a second adik for me
can i jump high to the sky and bring down the marshmallow cloud for you?

Joking only meh. . . 
there's Baby Raees and k.cik overnight with us as bencik have outstation
in Langkawi for a work 
we are too much excited especially Tok wan

Tok wan such like menatang minyak yang penuh hold Raees here and there
back and in front of the house just to make sure Raees feels comfortable
well as he grows up, he changes a few things in term of behavior and appearance
he doesn't cries as before, and he can speaks! LOL
speak as the baby way lah.aiyoo~

 aauuumm~ eat mokde

 so, baby Raees wait mokde back from office ya! we can have a dating later.


A birthday Party of Qays Naufal


Well, its been about 6 days on hiatus
and within those days neither any stories update nor even a single pictures being upload

So last 2 days , as promised with eila, me and another lovely friends Ana and Shafiza
attended to birthday party of her son, Qays Naufal who turned to 1
The event were kick off at 5 and I still had ample time to drop by mini market right after
office hour. It such a hard task ever for me thinking for a week the suitable
or i might say a perfect things i'm going to give him as a present

at last this thing had been my choice


spongebob balloon after no one upin ipin balloon to be avail. Im sorry dear can't find
you that kind of favorite cartoon, but u still have one to play with,rite?

By time of  6, we arrived at the event and i feel damn freak
Gosh so many people there and majority come from a family group which having
2 or 3 children and their age quite a year gap than us
i'm kinda noob at that time. ha.ha.ha
so i left the spongebob balloon in the car that suppose to be handed to the birthday boy
lucky i do have another main gift shared by me and Ana

there, we met another couple of friends, Amalina and Shamila
but pity over birthday boy, he didn't feel well
poor on you,baby..aunty doakan qays sihat as always,ya. . .


Thursday, 13 September 2012

Does age is just a number?

this morning, i annoyed mama while she is watching a tv
ma, i'm gonna turn to 30 in 6 years to go

Allahuakhbar. . . .


Tuesday, 11 September 2012

He has appointed, have you?

Dear God, Alhamdulillah for the rezeki u had given to him
He deserved to get it by the way

and dear friend!
This gonna be a big big big big smileeee for you
A bunch of congrats for that good news
I'm still in the seventh heaven right know after knowing it from you

Okay, so please let me know on what date should i tick on the calender, for us to have
a massive lunch or dinner to celebrate in conjunction of your job appointment that
will be started soonest.
he.he.he. . .


Miss MacGyver is my name

can i have a breakdance for a couple of minutes?
he.he.he. . .
baby 5800, thanks for being nice to me and my thanks is goes to you for your fully
cooperation u had given to me
well, nothing is toughest in this world if and only you keep this word "SABAR"

so, back to the yesterday entry  Whatsapp Goes Down , today i am proudly announce that the
problem is already solved.
i can fix the problem very well without any help of my brothers. So, please do call me
Miss McGyver right after this.

instead of not using any help of brothers, help from Google is a need.
he.he.he so not soooo McGyver lah!

For those who owned Nokia 5800 XM and facing the same problem, where the error message "Certificated Expired" pop out on your screen when downloading application, you are highly recommend to try this steps:-
  1. With the phone switched on, press the power button key once.
  2. Scroll down to and select "Remove E: Memory Card". 
  3. Select Yes to remove the memory card.
  4. Press OK and remove memory card from phone.
  5. Press the Dialler on the main screen.
  6. Type *#7370#
  7. Enter security code. Default is 12345 unless it has been changed.
  8. The phone will reset, wait for this to complete and power back on.
  9. Select your country and type in the correct time and date.
  10. Wait for the phone to complete its configurations, you may receive "My Nokia" or tutorial messages.
  11. Power off phone.
  12. Insert the memory card.
  13. Power on the phone.
  14. Wait for the phone to install any pre-loaded content from the memory card
  15. Phone is ready to install applications, without "Expired Certificate" error message.
Best of luck!


Monday, 10 September 2012

Whatsapp Goes Down

this is so sad!
truly sad. . . 
no longer whatsapp, but whatsdown for me
my phone got trouble with that application for last two week
and i'm not pretty sure what makes it into problem
now i am definitely can't use it since then

i miss my family group chat - "Fuad Fazi Family" and "anak2 Abah" group
they are my heart which couldn't be replace by others
Ma and abah respectively got their own whatsapp,dude! don't be surprise. Mum often
replied using the ipad as her handphone cannnot support that application.

"Fuad Fazi Family" and "Anak2 Abah" are two different things actually
"Fuad Fazi Family" involved all family members but "Anak2 Abah" the siblings mainly
(when i mention siblings, all sister in law included. we are siblings dunia akhirat)
sometimes there are a few of things that children think it is much better if parent wouldn't know
well, not because the parent are not so important to know but, this is just to avoid worried in them

Everyday without fail i might say that, there would be any update from the members of us
we share everything such the activities, the photos, the joke, the quote or even the tazkirah
conveyed by abah and mama.
so lovely. . .

and now how could you feel, when suddenly without any notice given u lost those things?
tell me that,dear!
i hardy can stand like this anymore. i am such in the zaman Paleolitik. waaaaaa~
this is a big disaster for me.

i knew, there are a lot of story i miss out from them
hope it wont last forever and please baby, please recover as soon as possible
i wont replace u by any other new phone if u could manage to behave yourself to the max. 


Friday, 7 September 2012

Versace Bright Crystal Review

i might say that this Versace Bright Crystal would be my best favorite perfume now days
i'm not a perfume lover before since myself already smells good. =.=' 
but this odor officially make my daily doesn't complete without using it. i'm serious baby!
i manage to keep my perfume in the car, so that i wont be missed it before even planning
to go out.
*please keep it as a secret between us*
I know, it will definitely harm my perfume by keeping it like that, but prevention
is a must. Do keep it in its box and lastly for a second action, keep the box in the keroncang
(err what is the best word to call it? the small beg that people usually give during kenduri kahwin)

People always said, judge the book by its cover. Pretty outside, awesome inside indeed and
Vice versa. Same goes with the perfume, just judge its container, the bottle itself.
doesn't pink color look great? It comes together with crystal cover too.
What i could say the smell is just nice, soft, vibrant and most important is floral fragrance.
I just need two drops of it to make it enough to feel the aroma.

Thanks both kakanda for present this superb perfume ever on this earth
This really gonna rock my world.
People, please check it out at your nearest outlet store and you will definitely not regret
for make a decision to have it one.


Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tips mendidik anak menjadi seorg ilmuan agama

"Saya berkesempatan utk bertemu dengan ibu kepada seorg ilmuan agama(ustaz)
yang tersohor pada masa kini. Melihatkan kebolehan anaknya dalam menyampaikan
dakwah, saya bertanya kpd ibunya, apakah rahsia beliau dalam mendidik si anak?

Jawab si ibu, sewaktu si anak (ustaz) dilahirkan, beliau mengambil keputusan
berhenti kerja bagi menumpukan sepenuh perhatian beliau menyusukan
anaknya selama genap 2 thn. Selain itu, pada setiap malam, apabila mereka
suami isteri dikejutkan oleh si anak utk menyusu, suami beliau akan turut bangun.

Suaminya akan menyediakan susu kepadanya utk diminum sambil beliau
menyusukan anaknya itu. Suaminya tidak membenarkan beliau menyusu
sambil berbaring. Sebaliknya, suaminya akan menyediakan belakang badannya
utk beliau bersandar menyusukan anak sambil duduk dan memastikan keselesaan semasa menyusu. Bayangkan bagaimana emosi si isteri apabila setiap malam dilayan sebegitu rupa oleh suami tercinta" - Prof Dr. Muhaya


God, save the young lady

why the boy being so nice to the girl lately?
the girl is so confusing and even she is still on cloud 9, BUT she has to bear in mind
that it wont last forever. Might be. please do not take it personally, my dear.
God, please save that girl from anything awful that might happen.
the girl need your guidance and please do lead her to the best path for her own sake.

yes, i have to admit he is among of the nice boy i ever met
and he comes from a pretty background too.
but what i could say to you, girl

"Adakalanya Tuhan hadirkan seseorang dalam hati kita mungkin bukan sebagai
jodoh hidup. Kebarangkalian kehadirannya itu hanya sebagai ujian kekuatan iman 
ataupun mungkin sebagai batu loncatan untuk mendekatkan diri pada yang Esa."

do keep my words which could be use in the future, in your mission to choose your prince
charming, my young lady.


Monday, 3 September 2012

Home Alone

I miss my home, i miss the smell of the air surround each hall, i miss
the sofa in the TV section, i miss the novel Minnie and the Shopaholics
(still not finish reading after 1 year), and of course i miss
the lazy time i had spent without mum and dad. 3 days straightly.
ok fine, sleeping, watching TV, eating and sleeping back to be exact. hi.hi.hi
but i still do mengemas rumah, sapu sampah, melipat baju, basuh pinggan and
even make a lempeng. how good i am. *rise one eyebrow*

the house is calling me right now, and i can't wait myself until the clock shows 5
bos, may i have a work from the house?


Sunday, 2 September 2012

Jusiza&Amir big day


Jam di ipad shows 12:08 am, but i still cant help myself to 
Get a nap sleep after once again had a supper of laksa teluk kecai
For a first time in my life, no one in the house except ME.
So i got to sleep alone in the house without accompanied by anyone
And yup it will be more fun! =.="

Yes, abah mama have a long honeymoon travelling from north to south
And adik plan with his friends memancing and what the most puzzling me 
Is why at this time is the perfect time to fishing?
Burghhhh~dont fish sleeps as human being do?

At this time, i have to think wisely, positively 
In fact, me got siblings and friends who are the most concern about my condition
They text me asking what am i doing, asking is everything okay, asking either 
Me get to bed or not yet. Ouh they are so lovely buddy. Me also got a long
conversation call from a friend who try to relax me, bla bla about this and that and 
Trying to make me laughing all along the conversation. 
Thanks everyone! Me love u all tightly.

Blogging juga one of the theraphy in relaxing my feel

Today i went to my friend's kenduri kahwin
After a long year courtship this sweet couple decide to tie the knot 
Alhamdulillah im so pleased with your marriage and hopefully 
Jusiza and your beloved one, Amir will live happily ever after until the Jannah

I met a few of friends there 
There were fiza, sarah, shazwani, fazreen raha and also eila with her adorable baby boy,Qays
Kusss semangat tgk Qays. Nama pun baby, harusla comel dengan tembamnya lagi
Anna said eat drumstik (qays hand). Hi.hi.hi.
This 15 september Qays gonna turn to 1. So eila invite me as she is going to throw
Qays a birthday party.InsyaAllah Qays, aunty probably attend to your party, okay. . .

Oklah, time's up and should have a nap sleep
Ayam pun sudah berkokok. Hi.hi.hi


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