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Friday, 7 September 2012

Versace Bright Crystal Review

i might say that this Versace Bright Crystal would be my best favorite perfume now days
i'm not a perfume lover before since myself already smells good. =.=' 
but this odor officially make my daily doesn't complete without using it. i'm serious baby!
i manage to keep my perfume in the car, so that i wont be missed it before even planning
to go out.
*please keep it as a secret between us*
I know, it will definitely harm my perfume by keeping it like that, but prevention
is a must. Do keep it in its box and lastly for a second action, keep the box in the keroncang
(err what is the best word to call it? the small beg that people usually give during kenduri kahwin)

People always said, judge the book by its cover. Pretty outside, awesome inside indeed and
Vice versa. Same goes with the perfume, just judge its container, the bottle itself.
doesn't pink color look great? It comes together with crystal cover too.
What i could say the smell is just nice, soft, vibrant and most important is floral fragrance.
I just need two drops of it to make it enough to feel the aroma.

Thanks both kakanda for present this superb perfume ever on this earth
This really gonna rock my world.
People, please check it out at your nearest outlet store and you will definitely not regret
for make a decision to have it one.

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