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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Things had taught me much

An overdue story
people now are at the end of the 2012 entering 2013 and as previous year(s),
the government been busy with next coming budget

28 Sept, the day where our PM had tabled the 2013 Budget in Parliment and i'm sure
majority of people didn't miss out to hear the good news - at least there
would be some benefits to rakyat.

i know the results were likely to put a smile on everyone's face right ?
what? noooo... but why....?
only because u didn't get one and a half month bonus then u act like a freak stupid person?
ha.ha.ha chill la. . .
the money still gone at the end even how million trillion u got.am I?

so better no need to earn any bonus when it can avoid u from perasaan bongkak dan
takbur depan kawan kawan. iyo dop?
kemudian update status fb "the bonus will be channeled to iphone, ipad " or
"now is the time to replace my one month brand new handbag". Sick of u!

lets talk about another topic else than whatsoever budget,oke?

yesterday, while sorting those sijil my thought flying back to the past time
beside every single sijil has their own story, their unforgettable memories
I guess without any participation in that activities organized by, I'm sure
enough kite tak jauh seperti kuih agar agar yang terlebih air.

Why i must say like that? because those day i am very fragile girl.
i never get involve in any persatuan seriously, just on the name.
jauh sekali any camping unless Qiamullai. ha.ha.ha (people said i'm a
kind of innocence girl but i think that was a noob)
i don't have a strong confident while i'm walking, when i have to move alone,
when i need to pay a bill to the counter and many moreeee. . .

so when i got into Matriculation, everything is 360 degree changed.
i had to involve KRM (Kadet Remaja Matriculation) which i don't
think that i can do that. i'm surprise at that time how on earth my
name could be in that list?!
i don't know how to kawat, i don't know the arahan and i dont have
any familiar friends in that persatuan. could u please imagine how my face
would be alike, and how's my blood running so fast?

after a week get myself into it, i can manage my self and i feel overjoy
started from it, i joined everything. i went to jungle tracking, mountain climbing,
and see the sijil JOHAN i received. It is a Pandu Arah. a team activities kategori wanita.
i still remember when i was leading the others at the first but went pancit a few
meters a way before finish up. ha.ha.ha. i'm more to bersemangat if in the team.
i dont care to be a volunteer if the task ask me to do the nonsense things as long as
my team win in the explore race. yes! two times i make it happened.
it doesn't stop only in the matriculation, i still continue to participate when i was in UKM.

now, i'm not the old fasihah who wish to have someone to accompany her
anywhere she wants to. she is a fresh fasihah but perasaan malu malu, sopan santun
is a must behavior to keep in herself. she can't to put it aside.

but, when she is going to get married?


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