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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Spa Muslimah - Hair Saloon

hari ahad lepas went to spa muslimah untuk cuci rambut
this was my first time had a hair treatment after last
time i did it about 3 years ago
and it quite surprising me because i can stand any longer having a long hair
with this Malaysia weather
i used to cut my hair whenever it reaches my shoulder.
so this gonna be my first time ever lah!

i thought to trim my hair initially, make it more layers
but mama resist and ask me letting the hair growth even more longer
until it reaches butt.ha ha ha  mama is too excited than me!

once i step into the saloon, my all imaginations about the saloon
is going to bin. rubbish.
lets have another entry about that later, ya? (i type it already but it's too long!)
but there still have all the equipments for hair cut, hair wash, hair dryer etc

after have a seat, the saloon girl started to put some liquid on my hair before she
sprays a little bit water and become bubbles.
she massage my head, pulling my hair, make a fingertips movement on my
forehead and i blackout. ha ha ha . ouh it was good, so relaxing and sleepy.

then she rinsed my hair, and blow it up.
the girl said my hair too thick and she wondering to know either i wash my hair
daily or nop. and i must say nop. ha ha ha.

after done it all, the result was superb even just wash it
here is the outcome

my hair had become a bit smoother maybe because she puts some oils
so right after this no more tudung lah cover my hair, rugi kot buat cantik cantik
then pakai tudung. lepas ni nak highlight sikit rambut, buat curl bla bla. . .

Nauzubillah engkau gileerr seha? dah cukup besar ke nak melawan perintah Allah?
tahu tak seringan ringan azab Allah di neraka adalah batu kecil yang panas
menggelegak di letakkan atas kaki. itu paling ringan, tahu?! so gambar di atas adalah daripada instagram SAHAJA.

those who concern about your aurat, searching for hair saloon in area Sungai Petani
this is highly recommended for you. SPA MUSLIMAH atas Restorant Nashmir Lagenda Height.
i been informed there are another saloon in housing area Taman Peruda but i never been there yet. will let u know upon reached.


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