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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Bachelor Party

we were damn really had a superb dinner last night at Leboss. perphaps we can call it a
Bachelor Party for everyone of us, prior to Eafa's wedding on next week
even it was not what i wanted it to be, but as long as we can reunite, i'll be fine.
terasa jakun sekali malam itu, as we have a steamboat for our dinner choice.
i think that was my first time ever had a steamboat just because i cant imagine what things
come first to be put in the hot soup, second and the last. but BFF became my savior. thnks!
terbahak bahak jugalah mereka ketawakan kite.

i love hanging around with them, felt soo relaxing, enjoying and they really revive my night.

gembira mendengar everyone's accomplishment in their current life.
yang nak kawin, yang dah ada kereta then upgrade kereta lebih besar, dan yang kerja
sambil belajar. Alhamdulillah for the rezeki given by Him.

hopefully this 8 years friendship not only ended here but will be always lasting forever
and grows blossomly even everyone will have our own family, InsyaAllah.


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