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Monday, 7 October 2013

Counting days to my Pre-Special Day

Its my Engagement Day on becoming November.
Say Hoyeayyea~ Alhamdulillah. Allah perkenankan doaku.
03.11.2013 Sunday. InsyaAllah dengan keizinanNya.
A day after Deepavali festival.
Kalau dapat 04.11.2013 Selasa lagi cantik sebab hari pertama melangkah masuk awal tahun 1435
ikut calendar Islam
Bawa berbincang dengan mama abah, perlu juga ambil kira adik beradik dan kawan yang nak hadir nanti.
Sebabnya Rabu sudah start kerja, kalau dibuatnya majlis ari Selasa tu nanti membebankan mereka nak pulang ke tempat masing masing.
So, bagi la diorang one day to rest before start masuk office.

Thus, less than a month left for me to prepare a bundle of things before the day comes.

Ada ketika bila teringat akan hari tersebut, jadi seram sejuk kering kejung badan dibuatnya.
After all i can say, about 20% preparation I had done. ???
Another 80% bilanya nak disiapkan. Hu.Hu
Baju tunang Alhamdulillah already get into my hand,
Me bought it from online shop.
Cumanya waiting for my fav tailor to alter the dress to suit me best.
Later, got to detail the dress as well as the shawl by sewing lace and beads on it.
It might be a tough task though. =.='
And some more the tailor promise to alter the dress right after Hari Raya Haji.
Ouh ohsem! Got only a few days to handle the dress and i'm gonna be mad because of super busy.

Here, my poor Engagement budget scrapbook. =.='
And it helps me MUCH in controlling or limit the spend of money.
All the resits i glue it inside, as a memory for the future which i can refresh all the things i had
bought as well as i knew the pricing too.

For room deco i think almost 80% prepared, just a little bit touch when the day comes.
The rest, i have to survey the HB, the flower for  bekas hantaran and for my flower crown.
Dear All-mighty, Allah swt thanks for make me run smoothly along my preparation journey, and
i'm still hoping that U will always ease my day, my parents's and my sibling's ahead so they can continuously landing me their hand.


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