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Monday, 13 August 2012

Mood Raya Has Just Coming


We got one week to go before Eid is coming, so im kinda excited to celebrate it
And meanwhile Ramadhan is slowly leaving us day by day- so sad . . . .
We not pretty sure whether we still have a chance to meet Ramadhan in the future

How's ur progress in prepearing Hari Raya Aidilfitri?
Everything seems smooth?
Me. . . Alhamdulillah, what i had planned for have now been definitely fulfilled
Satu aje yang belum lagi which is KUIH RAYA!

I knew lots of kuih raya easily can be choosen from the kedai or walk street
But it is not thrill enough men. . .
It is all about satisfaction whereby people will definitely impress your 
own handmade cookies either it taste good or not.

I am very very overjoy to do kuih raya, every single day i sing to mum,
kuih raya. . kuih raya. . . .
Yes, i had plan to do, but i dont know how and how to make it! Arghh . .
Even several times i refered to the recipes given by mum, and yet still blank
I am such confusing which steps to do first and it ends up by
closing the recipes book back.ki.ki.ki
Frankly, Im not into cooking. I am rather MENGEMAS than MEMASAK

Poor  on u, future husband. . .
I hope u will much tolerate with me in this case,baby
It is an added bonus IF my husband to be is a cooking type men
Dont u think it would be quite sweet baby if u cook and i, clean up everything that u
had messed out? Im sure by doing so, we can be a good teamwork. Ha.ha.
People said ( org ckp,bkn kite ckp) , men cook superb than women can.
*sedapkan hati awk*

Reason why I dislike cooking because it is tough and quit messy
U know, once u done ur cooking there is no compromise u can escape from clean it up
Combined with the tired after all, u have to put everything into its place
Sweep and mop the floor as well
Im crying all over the day if i had to do so. Isk . .isk . .
But its ok baby, u dont have to be panic knowing that im not really good in cooking,
I wont let u starving or even hunger, dear . . .
U just be patient and give ample time for me to struggle deeply in learning
how to cook,ok?
If it doesnt work, kedai mamak is not bad what? Hi. . Hi. .

Never give up, tonite InsyaAllah i try to make one type of kuih raya.
Maybe Honey Cornflake
Hoping and hoping right after this i can post another entry about kuih raya which i did by myself


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