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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Iftar with siblings


I knew this might be an overdue story after a week i keep this entry as a draft
This is all due to kerenyahan when u need to wait for someone to transfer the
photos from their mobile to mine!
So last week had a pretty moments with a siblings where adik 
treated us to berbuka puasa at Hot Mas
This would be the last week for umat Islam before Aidilfitri 
approaching us next week
Initially according to the plan, no one exclude from attend the dinner 
But, kita merancang tuhan menentukan, bukan?
K.cik need to stay home with Raess. 

with adik while waiting the rest

Ouh ya, see . . .

10 glasses for 6 person

My eyes were glued to the drinks and meals we had ordered 
It's hugeee of number. . .
we absolutely couldn't manage to finish our dish
What on earth the pembaziran is
So sayang . . .
People still cannot control or even limit their desire even in bulan Ramadhan
They do ordering everything like they can finish it out
but at the end the one that they were order are not even touched
Nevertheless, we tapau all the unfinish food for the sahur
That is the best alternative then, isnt it?

 yummylicious nasi goreng ayam of mine

I am so blessed and lucky having a siblings like you guys! lots of LOVE .

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