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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Cameron Highland With Lots of Love

What do u feel when the next day just after u safely arrived back from the vacation and u have
to go to office- ? what u really feel,ha?
M.A.L.A.S kan, kan. just admit it.

pagi tadi ikutkan hati memang tak nak bangun. tak nak bersiap ke office.
tapi kalau ikutkan hati mati jawabnya.

Back to story of Family Vacation at the Cameron Highland, it was so marvelous, not because
of the place we went to but because of the siblings involvement!

 US.including the cameraman

we stayed at Royal Lily Apartment, Tanah Rata. Only cost u RM280 per night. 3 rooms,
1 bathroom separately with fully furnished and kitchen equipped. we stayed 3D 2N only. The
only picture of the house i do captured. Do contact Mr. Rani 019.559.4594 for the house booking.

view from the apartment. it's laundry and shop in front of it. make your day much easier.

 OST for Patah Seribu Hatiku by Shila Amzah. why me look a bit chubby?

 before u can be at down there, this is what u need to go through. wearing a skirt was a quite tough even.

miyaha.ha.ha. udah sampai deh. capek suda~

Subhanallah. what a beautiful God's creations. the loving family, the waterfall, the sky. syukur.

bonda n ayahanda my most important person. me heart heart and heart.

I couldn't upload every single of the pictures as there are too many pictures we took. about 200 over all.

I felt so so happy that we can make this wish come true at last even there was some obstacle here
and there. Thank you so much guys for making our day. I'm still looking forward to hear for 
another trip next year, InsyaAllah. May Allah bless you guys always!

-lots of love-

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