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Friday, 30 November 2012

Fresh Fruit Tarts

sebenarnya kite sendiri tak tahu apa nama sebenar makanan di atas ini yang agak berkhasiat dan
rendah kandungan lemaknya. iyeke rendah?
pakai panggil ikut apa yang keluar dari mulut. sekejap pie tart, sekejap fruit tart, sekejap kek
buah. tapi rasanya ia lebih sinonim dengan fruit tart bagi pendapat kite.

i bum into this yummylicious tart when i was attending my cousin's big day. their neighbour
was so kind and specially made it for coming guest and that was my first time ever see it.
i'm impressed with that kind of food which had a topping fruits on it, small size so cute u know.
and the taste was so yummmph~ serius i swear!
i cant behave myself every time i look at it laid nicely on the plate. But like it or not i have to
control so that i won't look too greedy in front others. i think i still be able to grab it 5 or 6 or 7
without anyone noticed it.

as time goes by, i hardly can see it in any supermarket or any wedding ceremony. and me no even
make myself to find the way how to make it from internet. so lazy i am. u should know that yaw~

tapi minggu lepas, my school junior, Farhana made that fruit tart and proudly post those
pictures in the FB. Oh my~
kite pun bagitahu lah yang dah lama I'm looking for that tart. I gave her an order and will pay
for it. But she refused. She said she don't take any order indeed and do it only for fun.
Kemudian dia kata dia akan buatkan fruit tart tu untuk kite bila dia senang. *winkwink*

Semalam, nasib menyebelahi. she gave me a message saying she is on the way to Sungai Petani
from the Butterworth. She brought along the fruit tart. Eeeee~ i was so cloud nine. Kitaorang
pun made an appointment untuk berjumpa di satu tempat, Tesco lama.

Bila dah jumpa Farhana, she handed me sebekas fruit tart seperti gambar di atas. Awww~ delicious!
9 biji kesemuanya. the topping consist of buah kiwi and strawberries. and the best thing all of
them are free, no need to pay even a cent!

Kite puji budak ni, sangat baik. We are not even a close friend.  Kali terakhir kitaorang bersembang masa kite form 5, dia form 4 itupun sebab dia tunggu bus dia, kite tunggu van kite. Lepas beberapa tahun, jumpa balik dalam FB, main like like je post dia and
same goes to her. Bila dia buat macam ni, bagi fruit tart secara percuma tambah lagi dengan
topping buah macam tu aiyooo u buat i serba salah la.

i love it until the last bite

Ape ape pun selepas ni, boleh order lagi dari Farhana but next time girl please accept my payment.

Thanks a lot!


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